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Song: Never (Dj TiŽsto Remix)
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Here you have the lyric of the song Never (Dj TiŽsto Remix) performed by Dj TiŽsto.
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The Roc Project feat. Tina Arena Never (Dj TiŽsto remix) 
I can't do it...... 
I can't be with you again 
Don't remind of the good times that we had 
Learned a lot from us since then 
And I never want these feelings to ever come again, no, no 
You'll never hear me crying 
You'll never see me trying 
To love you once again 
Your love is so past tense 
Please don't tell me that you've changed Letra de Never (Dj TiŽsto Remix) - Dj TiŽsto - Sitio de
Don't want to hear of how you've lost your evil ways 
The one whose changed this time is me 
And I won't go back to feeling helpless and deceived 
Repeat Chorus 
Your love, your love 
You think you had me fooled every now and then 
You had me believing that I was the reason that you left 
But I won't fall back in love with you again 
I don't even wanna be, your friend, no, no 
Repeat Chorus

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