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Song: Ill Stand By You
Artist: Fifth Harmony [ Show + ]
Album: Miss Movin On [ show + ]
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Fifth Harmony 
Here you have the lyric of the song Ill Stand By You performed by Fifth Harmony included in Miss Movin On album.
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Oh, why you look so sad? 
Tears are in your eyes 
Come on and come to me now 
Don't be ashamed to cry 
Let me see you through 
Cause i've seen the dark side too. 
When the night falls on you 
You don't know what to do 
Nothing you confess 
Could make me love you less 
I'll stand by you 
I'll stand by you 
Won't let nobody hurt you 
I'll stand by you 
If your mad, get mad 
Don't hold it all inside 
Come on and talk to me now Letra de Ill Stand By You - Fifth Harmony - Sitio de
But hey, what you've got to hide 
I get angry too 
But i'm a lot like you 
When you're standing at the crossroads 
Don't know which path to choose 
Let me come along 
Cause even if your wrong... 
I'll stand by you (i'll stand) 
I'll stand by you (i'll stand) 
Won't let nobody hurt you 
I'll stand by you 
Take me in into your darkest hour (i'll stand) 
And i'll never desert you 
I'll stand by you. 

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